Texting: Why All The Fuss Discussion


Texting: Why All The Fuss?

Texting has caused many debates whether or not it is useful or presents conflicts between individuals.  I have heard that it serves as a distraction for people because it makes it easy to talk to people which can tempt people to text during inappropriate times.  Texting while driving and while in a professional meeting is considered inappropriate.  I think that this argument is true because people have become very distracted by their phones.  I have also heard that texting has decreased our ability to want to and be able to talk and have a face to face conversation because people feel more comfortable hiding behind their phones.  I agree with this argument as well because I have noticed even with my self that I would prefer to text someone rather than confront them face to face.  I do think that it is destroying the English language because people change words to make it easier to type and the meaning behind texts can be hard to pick out because there are no facial expressions, tone of voice and actions that may help communication.  I do not know students who use texting inappropriately how ever I have heard stories about some.


Thinking Critically:

  1. The linguistic evils of texting would be that it changes
    shakespeare using texting language
    Source: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=97700573

    how people type and use the English language, therefore the language will change and become harder for people to go back to normal English when in everyday life.

  2. Some other reasons that Crystal refers to that lead to poor writing are learning disabilities such dyslexia and other technologies before texting.
  3. The curious ambivalence is that society contradicts itself with technology because people complain about it ruining literacy when instead of trying to get rid of it, our society creates newer technology which will supposedly aid literacy and invent new ways of learning and aiding it.
  4. Crystal rebuts the argument that children cannot keep diaries anymore by stating that online blogs which can be viewed as diaries have become very popular in today’s society.
  5. Children must learn the real English language which is deemed appropriate by society in professional situations such as jobs and school.
  6. Crystal argues that texting is another language because like other forms of language, it has a specific format and diction and its use has become popular therefore it has become a new form of language.

    white board shows text language compared to the real english language.
    Source: http://sourcefed.com/is-texting-ruining-the-english-language/ – This coincides with number 6.
  7. Texting may cause children to think in “short bursts” therefore children may have trouble being able to connect bigger ideas to each other and seeing the bigger picture.
  8. Texting for students can help them communicate with out stress and help them find their own voice while it also serves as a literary outlet for them.  The actual problems of texting may be that children become use to texting and typing in a certain way that they keep this writing in everything that they do.