Discussion on the Word Friend

During tuesday’s class we discussed what the word “friend” has come to mean and if it is a good development of the word.  Most of the class argued that social media and electronics have created a bad development on the meaning of “friend”.  This is because people on social media that are considered friends could be considered strangers in real life and facebook has turned the word friend into a transitive verb.  Instead of saying that you made a friend at school todafacebook-Friend-Requestsy, one can say that they friended someone on facebook.  This verb makes the word seem less intimate than it used to be.  Nadia made a valid point in class when she stated that texting someone does not mean that they are close because texting allows people to appear less awkward because they have more time to react to writing.  In person conversations with that same person could be very uncomfortable and awkward because these people are not as close and familiar with each other than they expected.  This is when Proffesor Lebdusca referenced this point to be related to Pinker’s essay about “linguistic dancing”.

After discussing what social media and the new idea of friend has done to the meaning of the word “friend”, we discussed
what a friend truly is.  We came up with that friends support each other and are caring, selfless and comfortable towards the other person.  At this point, Proffessor Lebdusca then asked if friends make sacfrices for eachother, and mostly everyone agreed and shared stories.  For example Nytasha shared how she would go on errands for her friend even though she did not want to .  This shows how much the other person cares for the other because they are willing to do things that they do not want to do and be flexible.  Aly countered this view at the end of class right before we left when she shared that a true friend would not mind that the other person does not feel comfortable with doing something because they should be accepting of the other person.