11/16 Thursday’s Class discussion

In class on Thursday we discussed what is needed in an essay in order for it to be effective.  We as a class decided that an effective essay must have a clear thesis.  A clear thesis will help make the argument precise and more persuarsive because the essay will be able to relate back to the thesis at any time. The thesis is what starts the essay off and becomes the underlying meaning throughout it as well.  If it is not clear then the writer will have a hard time being able to prove his point.  The next important part of an essay that I said needed to have is strong supporting evidence.  Evidence can come from many sources such as from other books, data, experiences, personal examples and hypothetical examples.  pencilI strongly believe that evidence is what makes the argument become more realistic because it gives support to the claim by reassuring the reader that the claim is valid through proof.  The evidence that I used in my last essay was from my own personal experiences.  Choosing evidence can be tricky because sometimes evidence may not support the argument correctly and it may contradict what someone is trying to prove.  This happened to me in my first two drafts of the second essay in which I used evidence that was contradicting the point that I was trying to prove and that made my argument and stance unclear. Because my evidence made my argument unclear, I was not able to effectively argue my point.


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