Comics and Mental Illness by Katy Waldman

Source: Patterns and Panels, Katy Waldman

 Katy Waldman in her essay emphasizes different reasons for why comics and illustrations help allow people to describe mental illness.  The examples in her essays are unique and stand out because she uses comics from other authors and ideas from other artists to back up her reasoning.  Waldman sees that comics have become a useful way to express full meanings through the mixture of words and drawings.  She utilizes the different comics and illustrations from various people to then back them up through reasons in her own ideas.  She believes that pictures describe mental illnesses better than words because often times people are not able to put into words what they are experiencing, and pictures can give them a way to communicate.  Waldman uses the comics to make her piece visually appealing while also proving a point that comics and illustrations may be more insightful than just words.